Choosing Between Needs & Wants

I intended to interview women in local business over coffee or in a virtual room on an available mobile app like Slack. I would then blog about the lessons learnt from the entrepreneur’s skills/strengths and publish on Unfortunately my laptop needs repair and I still can’t find work yet. I am forced to decide […]

No Coffee. No Regrets.

Hello there sweet people. I titled this post to express the notion of having no regrets about any “roads not taken” as Robert Frost so profoundly taught us in his poem. I usually crave coffee and I usually have regrets based on guilt and holding on to old crap from the past. I sometimes have […]

When to Take Heed of Expert Advices

Along the journey of entrepreneurship, we are often inclined to read up or consult with experts in order to perfect our hustle. We ignore that billionaires who made it from nothing have had little self-doubt about what they were capable of, if any. We read, analyse and research business topics as if business was our […]

Random Coffee Afterthoughts

Today I enjoyed my last few gulps of coffee as my personal countdown till the holy month of Ramadaan. I was supposed to try to meet people to connect with and discuss going forward in life and consequently blog as I find new ideas. However, the pre-Ramadaan cleaning and cooking has kept me occupied and […]

Finding Like-Minded People 

As a publishing start-up owner, I’ve found that friends and family are not interested in helping out with my ideas. I’ve realised that family are more comfortable with businesses that they are accustomed to running. I was on my own since day one. It’s been difficult without support from people close to me or my […]